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Hello, December!

So much can happen in six months. An MBA graduation, a Hawaiian vacation, a turn in seasons from summer to fall to winter. So much can happen that a little blogging project can get set aside for awhile while more pressing things demand attending. This week I decided life has slowed up just enough to say hello to December and hello again to all of you.

In the past year or so, food blogging made a noticeable shift. We’ve escalated from well-written stories and wholesome recipes to a polished, gastronomic frenzy. The photos became more important than the food, and the SEO keywords became more important than the photos. So many of the blogs I loved either transformed into manicured, Pinterest-perfect sites, or gave up trying. By this past July, I was so sure I couldn’t dedicate the time and energy to be successful, I gave up writing all together. I focused on the novel I was working on, finished that and put down the pen for three full months. I could not express on the screen how defeated and unmotivated I was to keep going. It was too painful to keep up with the blogs I love the most, their writers seemed to keep moving farther ahead on their projects while I sat frozen.

Then last week I ran into The Accidental Creative podcast episode titled “What to do When You Aren’t Inspired.” Two days later I started writing again. The important thing I told myself while sketching and assembling a few weeks of posts was to stay focused on why I thought a locavore blog was important in the first place: we are what we eat. I want everyone to look close to home for nourishment, comfort and those things that matter most. The weather, the community and the food we eat are closely connected if we take the time to see it.

Despite what the glamorous world of in-it-for-the-“Pin it” food blogs might promote, plenty of us still make great food and tell great stories. Some of us even eat local. I’m excited to be back with them, to be sharing what it is I love about eating local with all of you and to be putting some locavore cheer into this holiday season.

It feels so good to be back.


  • Laura Hedlund

    Hi, this blog resonated with me. We all know that the food system out there is non-sustainable, immoral and unjust – the food system “out there” is broken. How do we fix “it in” here. Blogging “well-written stories and wholesome recipes” felt like seeds which could germinate and grow. yet now these seeds are “polished, gastronomic frenzy. The photos became more important than the food, and the SEO keywords became more important than the photos. So many of the blogs I loved either transformed into manicured, Pinterest-perfect sites, or gave up trying.” Perhaps few of these seeds are fertile so we need to find another source of seeds.

    In the words of E.O.Wilson – we can turn the world – or the beginnings of one into a permanent paradise if we use unrelenting reason, a simple ethic of kindness and an understanding of who we are. Why are our food conversations about pretty pictures?
    I co-host Food Freedom Radio which is a live call in radio show on Saturdays from 8a to 9a on AM950, the Progressive Voice of Minnesota. Let’s chat. On the simpliest level – we could do one show about local food blogging. On the bigger level – we can compete with Amazon, e-bay, google, Monsanto, etc by knowing each other in a thousand little ways.

    trim tabs unite

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  • eaberget

    Why hello again, Amy! Glad to see you back at it – I’ve missed your voice and your recipes!
    Thanks for the shoutout – definitely encouraging in a blogging world that I feel like I’m barely keeping up with these days.
    It seems like you’re less busy these days – I’d love to meet up sometime this winter!

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