lo·ca·vore noun \ˈlō-kÉ™-ËŒvȯr\

1: one whose diet primarily consists of foods grown or manufactured locally.

Who are you and what’s with eating local?

Hi there! I’m Amy Sippl, a twenty-something living in St. Paul, Minnesota with my husband (lovingly known as the kitchen partner). In February 2010, I read Barbara Kingsolver’s  Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, an account of one family’s adventures in eating local. I was touched by their dedication and fascinated by how local food changed their life. That’s it. I became a self-proclaimed locavore. In March 2010, I decided to share how I eat and grow locally in Minnesota. I love to be domestic, but am far from domesticated. Baking fresh bread, making freezer jam, and wearing an apron are all on my list of favorite things to do. As are: homemade cheese, urban gardening & food production, and saving the world one batch of granola at a time.

Amy Sippl + Camera

What are you shooting photos with?

All of my photos are currently shot with an Olympus E-520 DSLR with the standard lens kit on program mode or my iPhone5. My camera was a college graduation gift and I have hauled it all over the place. Each time I take it out I try to learn a few more of the features. It’s slow going and I often take 10-15 photos before I get one suitable for human consumption. At least my failure rate in the kitchen is a little lower than that!

Do you blog full-time?

I wish. Seriously. Someday that’s totally the dream.

But for now out of the kitchen, I am a full-time Senior Behavior Therapist for The Lovaas Institute, an organization offering early intensive behavioral intervention for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. I alway say the best part of my job is that no two days are exactly the same–it helps to support my need for variety and encountering new things. How I arrived in my position is a longer story, but it includes degrees in Psychology and Family Social Science from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and some fantastic internship experiences.

What else do you do on the web?

I currently contribute to other food blogs and manage Facebook/Twitter feeds for Minnesota Locavore. My guest posts can also be found on Simple, Good, and Tasty a Minneapolis based food blog about–you guessed it–preparing and eating simple meals that are healthy, good for the environment, and tasty. I also manage the web page and social media for The Autism Recovery Foundation, a Minneapolis-based non-profit working to provide access for early intensive behavioral interventions for families who could not otherwise afford treatment.

Are you paid to write about local products?

All of the notes/links to local products and producers are posted on the website because I have chosen to feature them. I love local food after all! Occasionally, food writers are offered free products, meals or additional access to local food events. In these cases, you’ll see a notation in the post. Free stuff by no means ties me to a favorable review or a review at all.

Welcome to Minnesota Locavore, so glad you stopped by!

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