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    Locavore Q & A with Molly Watson

    Today I am so thrilled to announce the first post in a guest series titled “Locavore Q & A“. The posts highlight how others think and write about local food. Whether a beginning cook in the kitchen or a season local farmer, we all have different motivations for choosing a locavore lifestyle. This week’s posts are about experiencing local foods from new perspectives. Today’s guest post was written by Molly Watson, one of the first resources I turned to when I started learning more about local food. She’s a writer and recipe developer who runs Local Foods for About.com, tells stories at The Dinner Files, and contributes to publications as…

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    Locavore Q & A Guest Post Series

    After many weeks of planning, I am so pleased to announce a guest blogging project beginning tomorrow! The kitchen partner and I are headed to California for some much-needed vacation time. I have a full list of  local food and wine spots in San Francisco, Napa Valley, and Yosemite lined up, and plan to fill my camera with photos to share. While I’m away from the blog, you’ll be reading a series of guest posts titled “Locavore Q & A” featuring some new and old friends in local food. When I became a locavore in 2010, I spent hours reading and listening to others talk about the lifestyle and the…

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    Spoonriver Cookbook & Giveaway

    Don’t let anyone to fool you. Learning to cook like a gourmet genius is hard work. Learning to love vegetables and whole grains if you’re not a fan takes even more. Ever wish there was a cookbook that could help you do both? Meet The Spoonriver Cookbook. Written by Twin Cities local food pioneer Brenda Langton, this book is a must-add to all Minnesota locavore cookbook shelves. Langton is the award-winning chef and owner of Spoonriver restaurant in downtown Minneapolis. The new cookbook adds to a large body of work promoting local and sustainable food, begun in the co-op movement of the 1970’s. Not only do the recipes and photos…

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    Strawberry-Rhubarb Breakfast Bars

    5 good  grand things happened in the last week: 1. We harvested our first meal out of the garden. Well, sort of a meal. I snipped some stems from our orange mint plant and made “Mason Jar Mojitos” on Friday after work. Don’t judge me. I promise it’s almost a meal. 2. I had a chance to visit with Brenda Langton from Spoonriver and the Mill City Farmers’ Market about her new cookbook. (Check out an extended post of our interview!) When staking out my own little claim of the local food world, I never dreamed I’d chat with amazing and inspiring people like her. So much good work going on in…

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    The kitchen partner and I received this postcard in the mail from a fellow Postcrossing.com user last week. It came all the way from The Netherlands just for us. I love opening the mailbox to find postcard about food. Sometimes we even receive recipes or special suggestions for ingredients. Perhaps this is a hint about what I should be planting in the garden this weekend! Will you be planting any special “salades” varieties this year? What local greens will be on your table this summer?

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    January Wrap-Up

    January (or should we say June-uary?) is coming to a close and I’m battling my first full-blown cold of the season. I had my suspicions I was coming down with something on the weekend and the yesterday it came on with force. I’ve slept more the past two nights than I have in several weeks. Due to the tissue attached to my constantly running nose, I haven’t been much use in the kitchen. Instead I thought I’d share my favorites of January both here and from my fellow bloggers. January at Minnesota Locavore January was the biggest viewership month to date for this little blog. Nearly 4,000 views of what…

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    Pumpkin Week: Latest and Greatest Pumpkin Links

    I’m having second thoughts about the pumpkin recipe I had prepared for today.  It needs a bit more tweaking before I’m willing to commit my name to it. Hence it’s after 10 p.m. and I’ve done nearly everything to get out of writing a post. While I let the recipe simmer in my brain I thought I’d do what every good food blogger does when he or she is on the couch and feeling uninspired.  Pass along a hefty list of blog posts and admire what the rest of the world is dreaming up in their kitchens.  I’ve read loads of posts recently about cooking with pumpkin.  Seems I’m not…

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    Julia Child on Fresh Air

    Last night I was on my way home at 8:30, completely drained after a 10 hour work day and a 2 hour board meeting.  I had eaten lunch and dinner in the car, had been mulling all day about some major life decisions, and was oh-so ready for the long weekend.   As turned onto Highway 52 toward St. Paul, I flipped on NPR.  Who did I find to cheer me up? My adopted kitchen godmother Julia–chattering away about France and good food in a replay of a 1989 interview on Fresh Air: http://www.npr.org/2011/09/01/139793130/julia-child-on-france-fat-and-food-on-the-floor No, the 10 minute spot didn’t solve my tough questions, and it didn’t help me tackle…

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    Find it Local Friday: Minnesota Food Blogs

    Last week I posted about some of the delicious food writing that was pushing me back into the kitchen. Not only am I a happier foodie again, I am also knee-deep in planning a big August blogging project for Eat Local, America! month.  Starting next week I’ll be posting 31 entirely local recipes in 31 days.  Yup, you read it. No sugar, salt or non-local ingredients for an entire month! If we don’t grow it in Minnesota, it won’t be on my plate. The kitchen partner and I are going cold turkey.  (**Sidebar: I’d love to know where that food idiom comes from????) This will be the last Find it…