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    Hello, December!

    So much can happen in six months. An MBA graduation, a Hawaiian vacation, a turn in seasons from summer to fall to winter. So much can happen that a little blogging project can get set aside for awhile while more pressing things demand attending. This week I decided life has slowed up just enough to say hello to December and hello again to all of you. In the past year or so, food blogging made a noticeable shift. We’ve escalated from well-written stories and wholesome recipes to a polished, gastronomic frenzy. The photos became more important than the food, and the SEO keywords became more important than the photos. So…

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    Garden Photography 101: The Technicals of Great Garden Photos

    Today Maria at Sweet Domesticity is back for another guest post. One of Maria’s signatures on her blog is stunning photos of the plants in her garden. She’s stopping by during the month of June to share some info with you in a series we’re calling Garden Photography 101, on how to capture great photos of your own garden this season. I am happy to be back on Minnesota Locavore this week to bring you another installment of Garden Photography 101! This week we are going to dive into some of the more technical aspects of garden photography with some tips and tricks to help you compose great garden photos.…

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    Happy Mother’s Day

    Just a quick note today to wish all the Moms who stop by Minnesota Locavore a very Happy Mother’s Day. I’m spending the morning at the St. Paul Farmer’s Market with her, my grandma, Greg and my dad. Today’s a pretty special Mother’s Day for me. Not only do I get to say thanks to my mom for her kindness (including her willingness to make macaroni and cheese at all hours of the day and night…) but I also get to celebrate that, 27 years ago today at 2:30 on a Monday afternoon, she had me. Yup. Today we’re having a Birthday and a Mother’s Day all rolled into one. How cool…

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    Local Food Films at MSPIFF 2014

    Miracles do happen…two posts here in the same week! The Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival (MSPIFF 2014) is underway this weekend and next. There’s typically a healthy crop of farmer/local food/sustainability films in the program; this year doesn’t disappoint. If you’re looking for something indoors to keep your mind off the itch to get in the garden, I’d recommend adding one of these locavore-minded documentaries to your viewing list: Slow Food Story – Sunday April 13, 2014 – 11:10 a.m. SLOW FOOD STORY – TRAILER ENGLISH from Autlook Filmsales on Vimeo. A Year in Champagne – April 16, 17 & 19th, 2014 A Year in Champagne – Official Trailer…

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    Our 3rd Blog-A-Versary

    On March 25, 2011 Minnesota Locavore started with a bold proclamation: “Here the news!! I love local food!”  Today is our 3rd Blog-A-Versary. Fast forward through 314 posts, over a hundred recipes and 292 Facebook friends and I am still shouting “BUY LOCAL!” from our little corner of St. Paul. Last year we celebrated the blog-a-versary with a giveaway and a big dinner with friends. This year things are a little quieter. The kitchen partner is working on yet another MBA paper. I’m heading to the gym and then to over to a friend’s to help with a project. He and I will meet to share the locally raised pork chops…

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    Happy New Year’s Eve! Time for some end of the year “deep dark secrets.” Find out what’s been happening around here are where things are headed for 2014. Confession #1: Last weekend we did nothing.  And by nothing I mean a level of nothing that included: not getting out of our pajamas, ordering Chinese delivery (and answering the door in our pajamas), taking 2 hour naps in the afternoon, putting together Legos and watching episodes of junk TV on streaming. Greg was running a low-grade fever and coughing every 2 seconds while fighting a nasty post-Christmas virus. I was nursing a slipped-on-the-ice back ache. Together we were the epitome of…

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    We’re full swing into the holiday season right now. Love Actually plays on constant repeat on the TV. There’s twinkle lights in every room. Hopefully you’re like us and chanced the cold weather for a locally grown Christmas tree and baked a few batches of cookies. Today I posted a quick YouTube video that captures some of the preparations we’re making for the end of the month. Just remember to step back and enjoy the Christmas preparations. Sometimes they’re the best memories of the season.

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    Happy Halloween

    From our front porch to yours, wishing you a very safe and Happy Halloween! P.S. There’s chocolate for trick or treat at this locavore’s house this year…Shh!! Don’t tell!

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    It’s about time we have some more confessions around here… There’s another man hanging around my kitchen these days. He likes surfing, long walks on the beach and making banana pancakes. Like most of the rest of twenty-something American women, I’ve got a huge crush on Jack Johnson. Last week Greg took me to see his show for my 5th anniversary gift. The three hours of sold out glory at the State Theater in downtown Minneapolis was somewhere between surreal and extraordinarily cool. A friend of mine said seeing him live bordered on life-changing. I had my doubts, but a week later I’m still telling everyone about (including now all…