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    2 Great Big Years of Thanks!

    Two years ago today, this little blog began. In that time, I’ve met great people, shared some ridiculously good meals and done my part to spread the word about local food. I’m delighted (and honored) that you’ve stopped by and owe you all a great big thanks! Thanks for sharing in the adventure and thanks for supporting your local growers. I look forward to much more in the months and years ahead. Thanks also to those that entered in the (because who doesn’t LOVE free stuff!) giveaway last week. Congrats to Becca Griffith for her randomly selected winning comment: A t-shirt from the Locally Grown Clothing Company will be arriving in…

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    Slow-Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage

    When I talk to people about food blogging, they always assume the cooking is the hardest part. How do you come up with new stuff to make all the time? How do you take a bag full of stuff from the farmers’ market a make it look like that? For me, time in the kitchen has always been the easy part. And the writing comes better some days than others, but that’s more related to how many episodes of New Girl are available on Hulu than difficulty. No – it’s not the recipes and it’s not the words. It’s the photos that drag me down in the blogosphere. I can’t tell you…

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    How to Choose a CSA

    Minnesota may be covered in 10+ inches of fresh new snow, but local farmers around the state are busy with spring preparations. Many of the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Farms already have seedlings under grow lights and their reservation books waiting for sign-ups. March and April are common months for CSA registration, with many farms filling slots completely by May. If this is your first season signing up or if you’re searching for a new farmer, I’ve put together some questions and a worksheet to help guide your choice. I’ve had good–and not so good–experiences with CSA’s. Our first year was a big bust because our expectations didn’t match what…

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    Boy Makes Wine: A White Merlot Story

    Things have been quiet around here lately. Today I’m sharing the kitchen partner’s latest project: 30 bottles of White Merlot he bottled just before the holidays. Have I mentioned my husband has a thing for wine? The week I started this blog he was bottling a German white. I pick restaurants for desserts, he checks the wine menu first. He’s dragged me to most of the wineries in Minnesota (as if it’s all that painful to spend a Saturday afternoon with chocolate and a flight of wine!) And our last vacation was to Napa Valley to ride the wine train, which has been on his bucket list for ages. His…

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    Top 12 of 2012

    It’s that time of year again – when the food blogging world looks back on another year of recipes, another year of posts, and a FULL year of gratitude for so many kind readers. Minnesota Locavore has grown in ways I could have never anticipated this year. At the beginning of the year a few of you (mostly my immediate family and friends) followed my progress on Facebook and subscribed to updates. Now several hundred people in Minnesota and around the United States tag along for our locavore journey. 2012 wasn’t free of bumps in the road though. The mid-summer months of July and August, when local food is at…

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    150 Ways to Eat More Local Food

    This is it. This is the year to live better. To eat and grow local wherever you live. Need an idea to get started today? Want to try something new in the garden or the kitchen? Take the challenge to try 1 or all 150. Either way you’ll be living closer to the locavore lifestyle. Use an old road map and a protractor to draw 100, 200, and 500 mile circles around your city. Choose ingredients based on these lines to define your locavore diet. Compost. Read about 10 locavores online. You’re more likely to stick with a local lifestyle if you know you’re in good company. Join your local…

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    Turning 26

    The kitchen partner celebrates his 26th birthday today. He’s had a well-traveled year with trips to Israel, California and 3 or 4 trips to the North Shore.  I couldn’t ask for more when it comes to this guy. He eats all of my cooking without complaint, tolerates my late night insomnia, and still does the laundry and dishes! Here’s to how special 25 was and all the great things to come in year 26!

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    {New Post on SGT} Great Grains: Teff

    Hi y’all. It’s been another busy, busy week around here. Work meetings, I started an online graduate course, cleaning up the gardens, and prepping for the kitchen partner’s birthday tomorrow. In the middle I managed to put together one of my favorite posts in the Great Grains series over at Simple Good and Tasty. Not sure how many of you have tried teff in your cooking, but let’s just say I’m giving it mixed reviews. Check out my post here: Great Grains: Teff — The Jury’s Still Out