Below you will find links to featured sites and blogs that I use to stay connected with the Minnesota local food movement. If you have a recommendation for the links page, please post it!

Local Food Sites

Minnesota Sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, this website is a fantastic resource for vendors, farmers, CSA’s, and markets.  Their printed guidebook arrives each spring and is a staple at our house for finding fresh, local food.

Edible Twin Cities A quarterly publication that can be found at local co-ops and occasionally at the farmer’s market, Edible Twin Cities Magazine specializes in local food in the Metro area.  They feature farmers market vendors, local producers, chefs and restaurants, as well as have a helpful directory in every issue.  Their online site includes great recipes as well.

Blogs to Check Out from the blog…”This is a site where people in their twenties are exploring growing and cooking fresh local food for the first time.  Please feel free to look around, make comments and share your experience…and support our supporters who also believe that fresh and local is the best.”



  • Jack McCann

    Thanks for the link to some local sunflower producers… I found your blog while trying to find local organic growers to mix our own soy free chicken feed… We’re working to build out an infrastructure to better connect sustainable farms to consumers… We currently deliver a monthly package to about 80 families in the metro area with a range of pasture based meats. Our other goal is to help teach our customers how to cook and connect with food again though the delivery and newsletters… Thanks for writing about such an important topic.

  • Quinn Olson

    Beautiful site — and very inspiring! We’re trying to spread the local word up in the north end of the state at the Fosston Farmers Market. ( or on FaceBook.) Keep up the great work. Thanks!

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