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  • Brian Erickson

    Hello Amy

    Thank you for all the wonderful plugs for Mn Grown – and the directory!

    Thought you might be intersted to know that we have shared our MN Grown Directory info. with the Local Dirt folks for their “Locavore” smartphone/device app. The app is free today on Earth Day! Otherwise it’s only $2.99

    download here for android or i-phone (Apple) devices

    Since I don’t have a smart phone, I can’t vouch for the usability of the app yet, but it’s worth a try at that price. Should be loaded with lots of good locations from Mn Grown!

    Thanks again


  • ADuchan

    the dressing sounds like one your Dad will go nuts for! I look forward to reading the rest of the article in the Food Network Magazine

  • Barb

    Happy Belated Birthday! I understand the baby chicks come today Casey and Cole are excited. REGI is having a live bird presentation at the city psrk on saturday How about some pictures of the community garden and your new birthday garden What have you planted so far?

  • Barb

    Great information this week but i’m having technical difficulties. I can’t get the picture to come up about sunflowers Looking forward to more rhubarb recipes and chicken pictures Barb

    • Amy.Sippl

      Fixed the glitch but had to lose the photo…thanks for letting me know you weren’t able to view it!

  • barb

    Our local farm market (central wis.) had a lot of heirloom veggie plants ,some spinach, organic chicken and eggs, smoked fish, and artichokes that looked like ginger (did you try them yet?)

  • Ashley


    I am a student at Georgia State University. I’m currently taking a Marketing Capstone class that has partnered with a local Atlanta sauce company called Hot Squeeze. The objective of the project is to help Hot Squeeze promote its products and help make more people aware of it.

    I am in the Social Media Department of this project and our department has decided to reach out to “foodie” bloggers. We think that bloggers have influence and are trendsetters for what is up and coming in the food industry. We would love to send you a free bottle of Hot Squeeze to try for yourself! We believe that if you try it, you will love it. And if you love it, we hope that you will write about it.

    The Hot Squeeze brand is comprised of two flavors of sauce, Sweet Heat Chipotle and Orange Ginger Zing. Hot Squeeze was founded by Atlanta area caterer, Sue Sullivan, in 2006. For more information on Sue and her products, check out her website at

    If you would like to receive a free bottle, please respond with an address we can ship the product to.

    Thank you,


  • Jamie Compton

    We’ve launched the Locavore Dog Movement in MN!!! Creating chef-inspired dog treats in small batches… Using fresh & local meats, grains & dairy from MN and WI farmers/purveyors. Would love the opportunity to work paw in hand with mnlocavore!


  • cindy mcdonnell

    Hi Amy – just came across your post when searching for our new video on The Little Acre. Wow – you had quite a garden going in your Little Acre! Would love to chat with you and get more of your feedback! I am the inventor of The Little Acre and live in Wayzata! Thanks – Cindy

  • Barbara

    Just found your site a few days ago and I am really enjoying it! I look forward to finding more local sources for food. You mentioned a local source for sunflower oil. I’m going to go hunting for that blog post! Thanks for all you do!