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    Locavore Q & A: Simon Helgeson

    This post is part of the guest series “Locavore Q & A“.  Whether a beginning cook in the kitchen or a seasoned local farmer, we all have different motivations for choosing a locavore lifestyle. Each post highlights a different perspective on local food. Today’s post was written by Simon Helgeson, a friend of the kitchen partner and I who also writes at 20Food.net. Simon is one of my favorite people to cook/dine with. He has great stories about cooking, growing, and traveling in the United States and in South America. So glad he’s able to answer some locavore questions for us! Eating local means creating better habits, getting creative, and filling your…

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    Locavore Q & A: Jeni Hill

    This post is part of the guest series “Locavore Q & A”. Whether a beginning cook in the kitchen or a seasoned local farmer, we all have different motivations for choosing a locavore lifestyle. Each post highlights a different perspective on local food. Today’s post was written by Jeni Hill from An Herbalist Eats and Like a Fish out of Fargo. Jeni also contributes her recipes and thoughts on food to 20Food.net, where she and I had the chance to meet. Jeni calls Fargo, North Dakota home and has been documenting the challenges of eating local in a smaller community than the Twin Cities. Q: What is the easiest part of…

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    How to make Rhubarb Bread

    Have a kitchen skill you’d like to master? Wishing you had a “how-to” guide for a certain recipe? Send a comment for the how-to’s to help your local eating and we’ll get started! One of my very first and most successful posts on 20Food.net was a May 2011 recipe  for rhubarb bread, famous in the kitchen partner’s family. We’ve already had a few loaves this year and a few opportunities to snap the kitchen partner’s hand away as he tries to grab a slice before it’s fully cooled. This bread is irresistible with a scoop of vanilla ice cream when the weather is hot and muggy. It’s perfect for springtime…

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    20Food.net Post

    Hop on over to 20Food.net today for a quick update on how our garden is growing. It’s nearing the end of the season and we’re at over 160 pounds of food harvested. Pretty exciting for our first full year, but still a bit short of my 200 pound goal.  Looks like the kitchen partner will win the bet after all.  My trip to Julia Child’s kitchen may have to wait! http://20food.net/2011/09/13/garden-weigh-in-822/

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    20Food Update

    My latest 20Food.net post is up today. It details the story of the atrocious plant in this picture. Any guesses about what this ugly plant is growing in my patio garden? http://20food.net/2011/09/06/kitchen-failure/ I’m still enjoying a couple of days off after the marathon Eat Local America challenge, as well as adjusting to my new fall work schedule. Can you believe we’re back to school already?  I promise to be back up with some new recipes later this week. In the meantime, check out the post and laugh at one of those kitchen moments we’d all like to forget.  My reminder that we should all laugh at ourselves every so often.…

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    20Food.net Re-post

    Doing a little filming this morning for a Gardening Matters clip and I wanted to pass along a short clip that Cassidy at 20Food.net posted this week. It still makes me smile. Pretty sure that most days this is what my family and friends think about my crazy food fascination…

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    ELC Day #19- Sweet Corn Succotash

    The fantastic folks at 20Food.net and 20Town: The Book of Bartholomew are getting together for a late summer dinner tonight and I have been assigned to bring a side dish to pass.  Like usual, I can’t decide between recipes and am bringing 2 dishes instead of 1. The kitchen partner and I have vastly different views on potluck menus.  I like to plan the perfect dish (even if I’ve never cooked it before) based on the tastes and interests of guests I know will be there.  It’s a good insurance policy that I will have at least one thing to talk about.  He however, would prefer to make a trusty…

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    Dinner on the Farm

    My latest 20food.net post is up outlining last Sunday’s Dinner on the Farm. The meal was fantastic: roasted lamb from Shepard’s Song Farm in Downing, WI paired with fresh salads with herbs and greens from the farm and the dessert I can’t stop talking about. (Hint: it’s ice cream!) Pop over to 20food and check out what Chef and Curry Diva Heather Jansz put together. Here’s some more reasons why you all should regularly eat out on a local farm:

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    Growing Spaces

    My latest 20Food.net post is up detailing the plans of my final growing spaces for the summer. In total we’re growing more than 40 varieties this year. That’s without a backyard! Check out the plans and some of the photos: http://20food.net/2011/05/31/growing-spaces/ This summer I’ll also be taking weights of everything coming out of the garden. There’s a little wager between the kitchen partner and I about how much food can a little garden grow if a little garden could grow food. He thinks we’ll glean fewer than 200 pounds of produce, I say more than 200. Hopefully closer to 400. Winner gets to choose where we go on our winter…