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    A Locavore Christmas: Cranberry-Filled Linzer Cookies

    Have you started your holiday baking yet? What goodies are you planning to make this season? This time last year I was already turning my kitchen into a battle zone every night after work. Complete with dirty dishes and a fine layer of flour covering the whole place. One of my favorite recipes from last year’s locavore Christmas was a shortbread linzer made with cranberry filling. The cranberries came from the Wetherby Cranberry Company in Warrens, WI. (Check out the details of our visit to The Cranberry Capital!) These cookies were sooo good, I shared them as a guest post on one of my favorite blogs – this heArt of…

  • Strawberry Jam Mini-Tarts
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    Strawberry Jam Mini-Tarts

    Still eating down the freezer supply.  Today’s frozen treasure of choice: Strawberry Freezer Jam.  Each June we make between 50 and 60 pint jars of freezer jam and somehow manage to eat it in something everyday for the rest of the year. Mixed in yogurt, spread on a fresh dinner roll, or in this case, the occasional cookie. Thanks to Evil Shenanigans where this recipe is adapted from. Truthfully, you could use any preserves in these flawless little tarts.  I added a bit of whole wheat flour to the crust and substituted local maple syrup for the vanilla.  If there’s whole wheat flour it makes them slightly better for you, right?…