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    June 2014 Garden Wrap-Up

    In our first year of living in St. Paul Greg and I made a bet about how much produce we could grow in one season. We had 209 square feet and a mish-mash of smaller containers.  200 pounds was our cut-off; I said more, he said less. Winner picked the location of our end-of-summer camping trip. I spent that first summer of carefully weighing each picking from the garden on our kitchen scale, recording the date, variety, and total ounces of every item. From the heaviest pumpkin to the tiniest lettuce leaf, I got it all down on paper.  We ended up with 90 or so pounds of veggies and a trip…

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    Garden Photography 101: The Technicals of Great Garden Photos

    Today Maria at Sweet Domesticity is back for another guest post. One of Maria’s signatures on her blog is stunning photos of the plants in her garden. She’s stopping by during the month of June to share some info with you in a series we’re calling Garden Photography 101, on how to capture great photos of your own garden this season. I am happy to be back on Minnesota Locavore this week to bring you another installment of Garden Photography 101! This week we are going to dive into some of the more technical aspects of garden photography with some tips and tricks to help you compose great garden photos.…

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    2014 Garden Planning

    Can you believe this holiday weekend weather we’ve had? So this is what we suffered through a polar vortex for!! Today I’m going to share our 2014 garden planning sketches and the plant varieties we stuck in the ground this year. If you’re inspired by what you see here, be sure to check out these posts from the archives that will make 2014 your best green-thumb year ever: Get Your Grow On 2013 Finding the Perfect Container Garden Find it Local Friday: Your Summer Veggie Plan Digital Gardening: Free Apps for your Green Thumb Edible Landscapes How to Grow Spinach Garden Planning: The Basics This year I sketched out our plans…

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    Get Our Grow On – 2013

    Chances are if you’ve stopped by or tried to reach us in the past three weeks we were in the garden or somewhere between projects. Despite the “Junetober” we’ve had this year, it hasn’t stopped us from getting our grow on. My flowers are planted, the garden is in, and we finished up one of the largest landscaping projects either of us has ever taken on. Thought I’d take a break from the rhubarb and asparagus to give you a look into how we’re growing local this year. The Community Garden Plot  Our 10′ by 20′ patch of garden up the street is completely planted for the season with no…

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    Three Video Thursday: Starting the Garden

    Sprouting, springtime, and seeds have been on our minds this week. In a 10 day’s time, our seed starting table has gone from this: to this: If you’re looking for a taste of spring yourself, here’s three videos to inspire you to get your grow on. First is a recap of how some New York City gardeners are utilizing unique spaces to grow food. Recognize anyone from Truck Farm? Second is a time-lapse of sprouting wheat grass from seed. Love it. And the third is a fantastic wedding idea that I think every couple should add in their plans! New York Farm City from Petrina TV on Vimeo. A Couple’s…

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    Find it Local Friday: Your Summer Veggie Plan

    Two years ago this week I decided the kitchen partner and I were going to have a garden. We’d moved into our house in October, braved a long winter, and were ready to get our hands dirty. I hopped online and started looking for community garden space near our town home complex and sent a few emails. Rather than wait for a response like a non-crazy, overly ambitious person I busted out the seed catalogs and started sketching plans for rows upon rows of fresh green veggies. Two days later, a devastating email relayed all the plots for the season were full and we’d been placed on a waiting list…

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    Edible Landscapes

    One of the quirks of my work schedule that I have come to both love and grumble about is downtime between therapy sessions. Sometimes its a blessing to have a few hours to run errands, other times I resent the time away from my kitchen when I could be more productive. Yesterday, I had four hours between scheduled appointments. Too long for shopping, not long enough to drive the 35+ miles home from the far West Metro. Instead, I dropped in at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum to spend an afternoon in the gardens. I didn’t have time for photos until this morning, but here’s what I jotted down during my…

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    Homestead Happenings

    So much has happened in the past few days on our tiny slice of St. Paul, I’d thought I’d add a few updates in-between the rhubarb. 1.  The flowers on our front porch are planted.  This year I tried to pick all things labeled “drought resistant” since our delicate dahlias completely fried last year in the afternoon heat. There’s some traditional Martha Washington geraniums, petunias, and Rudbeckia. The pot with nothing started actually has a potato in it (another one of my garden partner’s experiments) 2. There’s more rhubarb in our future. Big surprise, right? The spring edible bulbs are on sale at many of the home and garden centers…

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    An Update on Truck Farm

    Here’s the latest on Truck Farm. Slightly obsessed with seeing this documentary and telling everyone I know how great it would be to drive around a truck with a garden in the back. And I find myself singing the “Truck Farm, Truck Farm, dontcha’ think I need a truck faaarm,” diddy to Greg whenever I really wish he’d get me a truck with a garden in the back. Coming to the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival! Details here: Truck Farm @ 20food.net