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    Fresh Cuts: Italian Flat Leaf Parsley

    This is the first post in the series titled Fresh Cuts. Each post features a different kitchen garden herb and fresh ways to add it into your locavore meals. This feature is about one of the most common herbs used in cooking: italian flat leaf parsley. If you’re going to start a series on fresh-cut herbs, there’s probably no better place to start than with parsley. Gardeners love it for the deep green color, easy care, and long growing season. Cooks like it for its versatility and the curious not-quite-peppery but not-quite-lemony either flavor it adds to dishes. As a locavore, I love it because one plant can produce nearly all…

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    Get Our Grow On – 2013

    Chances are if you’ve stopped by or tried to reach us in the past three weeks we were in the garden or somewhere between projects. Despite the “Junetober” we’ve had this year, it hasn’t stopped us from getting our grow on. My flowers are planted, the garden is in, and we finished up one of the largest landscaping projects either of us has ever taken on. Thought I’d take a break from the rhubarb and asparagus to give you a look into how we’re growing local this year. The Community Garden Plot  Our 10′ by 20′ patch of garden up the street is completely planted for the season with no…

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    Digital Gardening: Free Apps for Your Green Thumb

    Have you enjoyed the first signs of spring as much as I have? There’s nothing like a few 50° days in a row to get you thinking about planting. With frost still in the ground and snow covering much of Minnesota, it’s going to take some extra patience not to bust out the trowels and rakes. However, there is one tool we all can use this time of year to help jumpstart our gardening – a tablet or smartphone. In the past few years, several useful (and free) gardening apps emerged on both the iPad and Android app markets. Below I’ve jotted down a few that I think you should check…

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    150 Ways to Eat More Local Food

    This is it. This is the year to live better. To eat and grow local wherever you live. Need an idea to get started today? Want to try something new in the garden or the kitchen? Take the challenge to try 1 or all 150. Either way you’ll be living closer to the locavore lifestyle. Use an old road map and a protractor to draw 100, 200, and 500 mile circles around your city. Choose ingredients based on these lines to define your locavore diet. Compost. Read about 10 locavores online. You’re more likely to stick with a local lifestyle if you know you’re in good company. Join your local…

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    The Garden

    Hello friends. I’m feeling neglectful that the month of May is coming to an end and I’ve only dropped by to share a half-dozen times. Promise there’s hard work happening behind the scenes (follow what I’m up to on Facebook and Twitter in the meantime) that will be well worth it when we hit June. We’re talking giveaways, interviews, guest posts, and some good ‘ol summertime Minnesota-grown cookin’. Tonight, I’m checking off one mighty item on the to-do list. Ladies and gentlemen, The garden is finally in. .

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    Spinach Week: How to Grow Spinach

    Last growing season, two of the biggest weeks on Minnesota Locavore were dedications rhubarb and pumpkin. This year I’m planning to continue these week-long tributes to local produce, starting with spinach. I’m giving it the first nod mostly by default. It’s the only green veggie I saw at the farmers’ market this past weekend and it’s the only thing that’s really cropped up in our patio garden so far. With all the frost and temperature swings we’ve had recently it should tell you one thing about spinach: it’s REALLY easy to grow. Green thumb or not, any locavore can add spinach to their garden plans. Here’s how: How to Grow Spinach…

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    How to start seeds in toilet paper tubes

    Have a kitchen skill you’d like to master? Wishing you had a “how-to” guide for a certain recipe or gardening trick? Minnesota Locavore is taking comments for upcoming how-to posts. Share your idea and we’ll all learn a bit more about local food together. It’s not too late to get started on your summer garden plans if you’d still like to give growing your own local food a try this year. With some basic materials you can plant beautiful flowers and vegetables, and more affordably than the major garden centers would have you believe. The kitchen partner and I started our marigolds and pansies in a new way this year,…

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    Community Garden Resource Fair

    This morning I posted an event notice on if you’ll be in the Twin Cities this weekend. Gardening Matters is hosting their 8th Annual Community Garden Resource Fair. The kitchen partner and I will be in attendance with cameras in hand to capture all the exciting things happening in metro community gardens!

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    Three Video Thursday: Starting the Garden

    Sprouting, springtime, and seeds have been on our minds this week. In a 10 day’s time, our seed starting table has gone from this: to this: If you’re looking for a taste of spring yourself, here’s three videos to inspire you to get your grow on. First is a recap of how some New York City gardeners are utilizing unique spaces to grow food. Recognize anyone from Truck Farm? Second is a time-lapse of sprouting wheat grass from seed. Love it. And the third is a fantastic wedding idea that I think every couple should add in their plans! New York Farm City from Petrina TV on Vimeo. A Couple’s…