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    {New Post on SGT}: Sorghum

    What has July brought for us so far? Hot weather. Fireworks. A new car. Plenty of local fruits and veggies. So many fruits and veggies, the blog has taken a back seat this month. Call it a “mini-summer vacation” while the kitchen partner and I soak up some sunshine and I work on some other projects. He’s working on an MBA, I’m 12,000 words into a novel. That equals an overabundance of time in front of computer screens. In the meantime…stop on over to Simple Good and Tasty where I’ve got a new installment of Great Grains. This time it’s all about sorghum, a gluten-free powerhouse that makes the best…

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    New Post on SGT: Great Grains – Quinoa

      Somedays the technology world just plain stinks. For most of the month of June I’ve been navigating a steady river of “This email is notify you, your site has been down for 19h 26m.” Worse yet, the trigger for the outages happened every time I’d click to save a draft of my posts. I watched my newly written content vaporize, not once. Not twice. But 4 times before I figured out this was the problem. By the middle of last week things were so bad, the site was down more than it was up. I take a huge amount of pride in being a “self-taught” kinda gal. Knitting, canning,…

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    {New Post on SGT} Great Grains: Teff

    Hi y’all. It’s been another busy, busy week around here. Work meetings, I started an online graduate course, cleaning up the gardens, and prepping for the kitchen partner’s birthday tomorrow. In the middle I managed to put together one of my favorite posts in the Great Grains series over at Simple Good and Tasty. Not sure how many of you have tried teff in your cooking, but let’s just say I’m giving it mixed reviews. Check out my post here: Great Grains: Teff — The Jury’s Still Out

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    {Guest Post on SGT} Great Grains: Barley

    Welcome to October! There’s a new post for you to check out today on Simple Good and Tasty. My next installment to the Great Grains series went up this week, all about barley. It’s the perfect whole grain for fall meals–adding a rich nutty flavor to any dish that calls for rice. Love it in burgers. Love it in soups. Love it plain with a little butter and salt. Check out the post here: http://simplegoodandtasty.com/2012/10/01/great-grains-barley-the-perfect-food-for-health-ninjas P.S. Wish the kitchen partner and I luck…we’re going to brave the cold weather on one last camping trip this weekend!