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    The kitchen partner and I received this postcard in the mail from a fellow Postcrossing.com user last week. It came all the way from The Netherlands just for us. I love opening the mailbox to find postcard about food. Sometimes we even receive recipes or special suggestions for ingredients. Perhaps this is a hint about what I should be planting in the garden this weekend! Will you be planting any special “salades” varieties this year? What local greens will be on your table this summer?

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    Stamppot (Mashed Potatoes with Kale)

    The kitchen partner and I belong to a postcard exchange website called Postcrossing.com. The basic idea of the exchange begins when you register for an account and receive an address for another user. When this user receives your postcard in the mail they register it on the site. For each postcard you send, another stranger around the world is given your address and in return sends a postcard back to you. We’ve been in the exchange for a few years now and have postcards from over 40 countries. Many times the messages are about the weather or the scenery, but occasionally the writer shares something about local food. Recently, a postcard…