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    Eat Local America : BLT Salad

    This is the second post in the 2013 Eat Local America! Challenge series. Each year Minnesota co-ops celebrate the bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables available August by promoting a month of local eating. Minnesota Locavore and readers around the state are taking the challenge to eat meals made from local ingredients. Stop back all month long for recipes, local products and tips for jump starting your month of local food.  If there’s anything I love in the world, it’s rules. I was the kid on the playground screaming “You’re not following the rules!” I was the pushy 7th grader in student government trying to make the rules. Now I work with…

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    The kitchen partner and I received this postcard in the mail from a fellow Postcrossing.com user last week. It came all the way from The Netherlands just for us. I love opening the mailbox to find postcard about food. Sometimes we even receive recipes or special suggestions for ingredients. Perhaps this is a hint about what I should be planting in the garden this weekend! Will you be planting any special “salades” varieties this year? What local greens will be on your table this summer?

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    Kohlrabi Koleslaw

    Just a quick recipe post today.  The garden demands my full attention this week for weeding, trimming, and with a little luck–our first harvest of green beans.  This slaw was in our picnic basket last Friday and will likely make a second appearance on the table this week. It was so good the kitchen partner scrapped the dish clean before asking, “just what did you put in this, anyway?”  Toss this together for a twist on a summertime favorite. Kohlrabi Koleslaw  Ingredients For the slaw 2 medium kohlrabi, peeled and shredded (about 3 C.) 2 medium carrots, peeled and shredded (about 1/4 C.) 2 green onions, chopped (about 1/4 c.)…

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    Saturday Sights and Salad

    Today was a stunning 82° and beautiful. Welcome to summer Minnesota. Thought I’d share some of the sights from my day and a recipe for a new Radish and Lettuce salad. Saturday mornings always start with a trip to the St. Paul Farmers’ Market.  The weather was perfect to walk the 5 blocks and avoid parking in downtown.  It has been especially exciting this year to see so many more people at the market choosing to buy local;  it has not been so exciting to have full parking lots by 9 AM.  Here’s my treasures from today. Notice that broccoli and radishes made their début this week.  One other note: Lorence’s…