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    Strawberry Freezer Jam – Video Update

    Minnesota strawberry season opened this week and the berries are begging to be picked. This morning I stopped out to Afton Apple Orchard in Afton, Minnesota and picked 30 pounds of strawberries for freezer jam, pies and fresh eating. The berries are ripe and juicy from the rain we’ve had this year.  There’s nothing that says “Hello Summer” like a morning in the berry patch followed by an afternoon in the kitchen making jam. Here’s a quick video update of my day today and a 3 ingredient recipe for your own strawberry freezer jam: Strawberry Freezer Jam – Minnesota Locavore from Amy Sippl on Vimeo. Strawberry Freezer Jam Ingredients 4…

  • Strawberry Jam Mini-Tarts
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    Strawberry Jam Mini-Tarts

    Still eating down the freezer supply.  Today’s frozen treasure of choice: Strawberry Freezer Jam.  Each June we make between 50 and 60 pint jars of freezer jam and somehow manage to eat it in something everyday for the rest of the year. Mixed in yogurt, spread on a fresh dinner roll, or in this case, the occasional cookie. Thanks to Evil Shenanigans where this recipe is adapted from. Truthfully, you could use any preserves in these flawless little tarts.  I added a bit of whole wheat flour to the crust and substituted local maple syrup for the vanilla.  If there’s whole wheat flour it makes them slightly better for you, right?…