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    The Little Acre Garden Begins

    The first 80° day in the last 7 months calls for a trip to Gerten’s.  I could wander aimlessly for days through that place.  My sister can’t resist the shoe section and I can’t resist the greenhouse.  While ogling the kitchen compost pails, I noticed another urban gardening treasure called The Little Acre Raised Garden Bag.  Made by Easy Growin’, LLC in Wyzata, MN (roughly 30 miles East of St. Paul), this Minnesota product is a 3′ x 4′ x 12″ polypropylene square that you simply unfold, fill, and plant.  It retails for $49 and needs roughly 12 cubic yards of soil. I have to wait until my birthday tomorrow to…

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    An Update on Truck Farm

    Here’s the latest on Truck Farm. Slightly obsessed with seeing this documentary and telling everyone I know how great it would be to drive around a truck with a garden in the back. And I find myself singing the “Truck Farm, Truck Farm, dontcha’ think I need a truck faaarm,” diddy to Greg whenever I really wish he’d get me a truck with a garden in the back. Coming to the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival! Details here: Truck Farm @ 20food.net

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    Truck-Farm (and finding garden space)

    This morning I had a chance to finally watch the YouTube shorts and trailers for Ian Cheney’s (King Corn) new documentary short Truck Farm. It details Cheney’s adventures in planting an urban CSA farm in the bed of his 1986 Dodge pickup truck. I watched King Corn in the early stages of my interest in local and urban food production; it certainly was influential in shaping how I felt about our food system. This new documentary has me considering how I define “garden space” and the ways I could be more innovative in finding places to grow. Our town home certainly restricts growing in a yard, and our patio was…