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    Dinner in 15: Ravioli and Asparagus with Garlic Butter Sauce

    It’s a weeknight. I’m home from work late, the garden partner’s hauling brush to the yard waste site, the phone’s ringing non-stop, there’s a meeting to go to in 45 minutes, and I’m starving. Here’s where I boast about my locavore meals: I made this plate look this good in 15 minutes. I know, right? And here’s where I stop: I inhaled what’s on the plate in 3 minutes, while watching the news and checking emails. Somewhere, Julia is weeping. On the busiest of days, eating local can feel like a burden. When every other 20-something couple is grabbing dinner from the drive-thru/carry out place down the street, we aren’t.  On…

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    About a Birthday Dinner

    A conversation at our house this past week: Kitchen Partner: Do you have any special dishes you’d like me to make for your birthday dinner tomorrow? Me: Will there be a cheese plate? Kitchen Partner: (doubled-over laughing) Me: Why is that so funny? Kitchen Partner: That’s not exactly what I meant. But I wouldn’t forget your cheese. And he didn’t. He also made some of the dishes from the blogs. And invited friends to break bread. Friends bearing gifts of beautiful plants and local beef. Something tells me I have nothing to worry about. 24 is going to be just fine.

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    24 Things to Happen in my 24th year

    Today I’m celebrating my 24th birthday. As far as birthdays go, this has been the toughest for me to face. So many of my friends and family have said ‘Oh, 24 is no big deal… You’re young yet!… Wait until you turn 30, then you’ll have something to worry about…’ Yet 24 still seems unfair to me. I’m old enough to be a bone fide adult with a career and a house payment, but so much of life (having a family, establishing a community, reaching goals) is unchartered territory. I also thought I’d have much more accomplished at 24; there’s still so much good work left to do! It’s a…