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    Local Food Films at MSPIFF 2014

    Miracles do happen…two posts here in the same week! The Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival (MSPIFF 2014) is underway this weekend and next. There’s typically a healthy crop of farmer/local food/sustainability films in the program; this year doesn’t disappoint. If you’re looking for something indoors to keep your mind off the itch to get in the garden, I’d recommend adding one of these locavore-minded documentaries to your viewing list: Slow Food Story – Sunday April 13, 2014 – 11:10 a.m. SLOW FOOD STORY – TRAILER ENGLISH from Autlook Filmsales on Vimeo. A Year in Champagne – April 16, 17 & 19th, 2014 A Year in Champagne – Official Trailer…

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    Enough already…It’s time to grow!

    We just couldn’t take it anymore. This weekend the garden guy and I said enough already…it’s time to bury the polar vortex and bust out the watering can.  One day of 70°F weather in the forecast and we had to get our grow on. Is it possible to have an itchy green thumb? Three new projects emerged from our impromptu trip to the garden store. We grabbed some cold hearty snow pea and lettuce seeds from the garden store and stuffed them in the dirt. And then we started micro greens in the front window and a mason jar of sandwich sprouts on the kitchen counter. I must have needed a…

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    Finding the Perfect Container Garden

    The snow finally melted off the Little Acre Garden Bag this week and things are looking kinda shabby. 3 long growing seasons and withstanding the extreme sun/temperature fluctuations of our patio are about all we could ask for from one patch of soil. It’s time to start finding the perfect container garden. When we bought the Little Acre it was our first summer in the town house and we were eager to get anything to grow. By mid-summer we’d created what Greg and I now affectionately call the crazy vegetable bush: Container Garden Lessons Although it looks green and healthy here, the plants were so crowded and overgrown they never…

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    Community Garden Resource Fair

    This morning I posted an event notice on if you’ll be in the Twin Cities this weekend. Gardening Matters is hosting their 8th Annual Community Garden Resource Fair. The kitchen partner and I will be in attendance with cameras in hand to capture all the exciting things happening in metro community gardens!

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    Edible Landscapes

    One of the quirks of my work schedule that I have come to both love and grumble about is downtime between therapy sessions. Sometimes its a blessing to have a few hours to run errands, other times I resent the time away from my kitchen when I could be more productive. Yesterday, I had four hours between scheduled appointments. Too long for shopping, not long enough to drive the 35+ miles home from the far West Metro. Instead, I dropped in at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum to spend an afternoon in the gardens. I didn’t have time for photos until this morning, but here’s what I jotted down during my…

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    The Little Acre Garden Begins

    The first 80° day in the last 7 months calls for a trip to Gerten’s.  I could wander aimlessly for days through that place.  My sister can’t resist the shoe section and I can’t resist the greenhouse.  While ogling the kitchen compost pails, I noticed another urban gardening treasure called The Little Acre Raised Garden Bag.  Made by Easy Growin’, LLC in Wyzata, MN (roughly 30 miles East of St. Paul), this Minnesota product is a 3′ x 4′ x 12″ polypropylene square that you simply unfold, fill, and plant.  It retails for $49 and needs roughly 12 cubic yards of soil. I have to wait until my birthday tomorrow to…

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    Truck-Farm (and finding garden space)

    This morning I had a chance to finally watch the YouTube shorts and trailers for Ian Cheney’s (King Corn) new documentary short Truck Farm. It details Cheney’s adventures in planting an urban CSA farm in the bed of his 1986 Dodge pickup truck. I watched King Corn in the early stages of my interest in local and urban food production; it certainly was influential in shaping how I felt about our food system. This new documentary has me considering how I define “garden space” and the ways I could be more innovative in finding places to grow. Our town home certainly restricts growing in a yard, and our patio was…