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    Happy Valentine’s Day

    Happy Valentine’s Day. Had to write a quick post after dinner before we head out to the movies. The kitchen partner made a fantastic homemade dinner for me tonight. I’m so grateful to have someone who loves food as much as I do. Tell me if this doesn’t make me the luckiest gal in Minnesota: No fresh cut flowers here, instead he picked out a basket of new houseplants. He didn’t make lobster, but baked a whole trout from a local farmer instead! And my very favorite…salads and a heart-shaped berries and brie. Luckiest. Gal. Ever. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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    Find it Local Friday: The Valentine’s Edition

    Prepare to be bombarded with lovey-dovey, full-on-prince-charming, revoltingly romantic Valentine’s Day info. This is the local food post to get you some local love next Tuesday. Welcome to Find It Local Friday: The Valentine’s Edition. For starters what says “I love you” more than: I bought my Darlin’ local because it shows I’m smart enough to read a label. It’s best to spend Valentine’s Day with someone who can read. I bought my Snuggle-Buddy local to save the planet. If we save the planet then I can be the big spoon forever. I bought my Sugar local because if we support our local economy, there’ll be more fun date-nights to try later…

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    Valentine’s Day Poll

    In preparation for tomorrow’s Find it Local Friday: Valentine’s Edition, there’s a new poll up on our Facebook page. Click on over and share how you’ll be making your Valentine’s Day celebrations a little more local. Not sure yet? Stop back tomorrow for some hints on local chocolates, flowers, and restaurants to help in your planning! P.S. If you haven’t already done so, Like Us on Facebook. We’re so close to 100!!

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    Dark Days Week 11: Maple Sugar Candy

    It feels like I have been planned this week’s Dark Days Challenge for an eternity! During week ll-12, all participants were challenged to create Valentine’s Day Sweets using SOLE (sustainable, organic, local, ethical) ingredients. Not an easy task when you start cutting out chocolate! As soon as I saw the challenge in my inbox, I knew I had to make maple sugar candy. The kitchen partner’s family has been in the maple syrup business for as long as I’ve known him. Growing up he’d strap on snow shoes and wade through the deep snow collecting buckets full of sap to bring back to the ‘sap shack’ for cooking. We’re fortunate…